Welcome to Marginal Chingford

14 July, 2017

In Chingford & Woodford Green we are keeping up the pressure on Iain Duncan Smith and the Tories as we campaign for the new kind of politics that only Labour can deliver. On Thursday 7th July. Jeremy Corbyn held a mass rally on Chingford Green. His message to the hundreds of party members and voters […]

Labour’s vote surges in Chingford & Woodford Green slashing IDS’s majority

13 June, 2017

Thanks to the magnificent campaigning efforts of hundreds of Labour Party members and supporters, Chingford & Woodford Green is now a marginal constituency and IDS is a very worried man. Voters turned their backs on IDS and the politics of austerity that he represents, and voted for Bilal and Labour in unprecedented numbers. Labour’s vote […]

Campaigning in Chingford and Woodford Green

24 May, 2017

As a mark of respect and solidarity for those affected by the atrocity in Manchester, all campaigning has been suspended until further notice.

Labours Manifesto – brief points

16 May, 2017

Earlier today, Labour’s election manifesto was launched in Bradford. We are presenting an ambitious and compelling democratic socialist vision for Britain. This is a manifesto for the many people who are struggling with falling living standards and growing job insecurity. It is for those people whose lives are under increasing strain due to the continual […]

No cuts to school budgets say Chingford Parents

9 May, 2017

The public meeting held on Monday 8th May at St Annes Hall, Chingford was determinedly against Tory cuts to local childrerns education. “Don’t make headteachers choose between what is affordable and what is right fopupils”, that was the powerful message from the public meeting organised by Chingford & Woodford Green Labour Party to oppose the […]

Tory education policy: budget cuts + ideology = chaos for our schools

29 April, 2017

Theresa May would like this general election to focus on Brexit, but she can’t avoid responsibility for the chaos in our public services, the NHS and our schools. Tory education policies have created confusion and division. They have focussed on Free Schools and Academies at the expense of good local schools, and are now presiding […]

This Government is doing nothing to improve our air quality in Chingford &Woodford Green

26 April, 2017

Theresa May’s snap election has hit her government’s plans for a diesel car scrappage scheme, where drivers who own older, polluting vehicles would have been offered £2,000 to trade in their cars. Ministers had also been preparing plans to reduce air pollution in seven cities which would have seen diesel car drivers paying daily charges […]

General Election – Thursday 8 June 2017

18 April, 2017

Having spent months denying that she would call an early election, this morning Theresa May did just that. There will be a general election on Thursday 8 June 2017. The Prime Minister claimed that the opposition parties are jeopardising her government’s Brexit preparations, and as such a general election is necessary. The reality is that […]

IDS moans about the Highest Court in the Land!

25 January, 2017

Iain Duncan Smith, best known for imposing the ‘Bedroom Tax’ has called the highest court in the land a ‘self appointed court’ On the ‘Victoria Derbyshire show’ on BBC yesterday , he proclaimed ‘They’ve stepped into new territory where they have told parliament not just that they should do something, but what they should actually […]

IDS and caps!

1 December, 2016

We came across this interesting quote about our MP, Iain Duncan Smith. You may be aware of caps on welfare benefits, but not about caps on subsidies from the EU. Read on…. Guy Standing, the leading economist, describes the local MP, Iain Duncan Smith, in the following terms: “It is ironic that one of the […]

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