IDS and caps!

1 December, 2016

We came across this interesting quote about our MP, Iain Duncan Smith.

You may be aware of caps on welfare benefits, but not about caps on subsidies from the EU. Read on….

Guy Standing, the leading economist, describes the local MP, Iain Duncan Smith, in the following terms:

“It is ironic that one of the biggest UK beneficiaries [of subsidies] is Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions from 2010 until his abrupt resignation in 2016, who made it his mission to cut welfare spending. Over the past decade, his family has received well over £1 million from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), £160,000 in 2014 alone, because his wife inherited 1,500 acres of farmland. He did not do a single day of farm work to acquire that land, let alone the subsidy.

When the European Commission proposed to cap the subsidy for large-scale landowners, the British government refused to apply the cap in England (though Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland decided to do so). Meanwhile, Duncan Smith was capping payments to the unemployed and housing benefit claimants, averring that nobody should receive more in welfare than in a job.”*

No one knows if our MP will continue to benefit from this level of generosity post-Brexit, as government is thrown into disarray by the vote of June 23.

But we do believe the Government he was a a member of holds inconsistent approaches to caps!

*From “The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers Thrive And Work Does Not Pay”

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