IDS moans about the Highest Court in the Land!

25 January, 2017

Iain Duncan Smith, best known for imposing the ‘Bedroom Tax’ has called the highest court in the land a ‘self appointed court’

On the ‘Victoria Derbyshire show’ on BBC yesterday , he proclaimed ‘They’ve stepped into new territory where they have told parliament not just that they should do something, but what they should actually do.’

He said ‘I think it leads further down the road to real constitutional issues about who is supreme in this role.’

We believe Parliament should debate and decide, rather than leave decisions about ‘Brexit’ undebated and agreed by parliament – after all they make the laws and they should change them!

We don’t want to live under a government where the decision to leave the EU is decided by a government lead by a Prime Minister voted for by 142 Tory members of parliament, not even elected by reference to the members of her own Party!

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