No cuts to school budgets say Chingford Parents

9 May, 2017

The public meeting held on Monday 8th May at St Annes Hall, Chingford was determinedly against Tory cuts to local childrerns education.

“Don’t make headteachers choose between what is affordable and what is right fopupils”, that was the powerful message from the public meeting organised by Chingford & Woodford Green Labour Party to oppose the Tory government’s school budget cuts.

More than 80 people attended the meeting, demonstrating their opposition to the largest cuts to education spending since the 1980s. The Tory government will take more than £3billion from schools by 2020. In Waltham Forest schools will lose more than £20million. Cuts on that scale are likely to result in 670 teachers losing their jobs.
Speaking from the platform, Lindsey Lampard, headteacher of Chingford Church of England Primary School, Kiri Tunks, a leading figure in the Our Community – Our Schools campaign, and Councillor Grace Williams, Waltham Forest’s lead member for Children & Young people all warned of the damage these cuts would cause to children’s education.

Class sizes would increase. With fewer teachers, some schools would be unable to provide a full curriculum for pupils. Some classes were already being taught by teaching assistants. Extra-curricular clubs would have to be cancelled, while speech and language and education psychology services would be scaled back.

Labour party members, parents and grandparents, teachers and trade unionists attending the meeting expressed their overwhelming opposition to the National Funding Formula, which will redistribute money away from London schools. There was strong support for all schools being funded at the level schools in London have received, rather than money being taken from them.

People expressed their anger at the amount of money being wasted by the Tory government in pursuing their ideological obsession with Free Schools and academies, which included buying sites for Free Schools at vastly inflated market prices. This waste of public money comes at the expense of children in local authority maintained schools and is funded by the taxpayer.

Labour’s candidate in Chingford & Woodford Green, Bilal Mahmood emphasised the importance of education to empower people in society. He will campaign in the general election to oppose the school budget cuts.
The meeting recognised that only by voting Labour in the general election can these cuts be prevented. Labour is committed to investing in education to ensure equality of opportunity for every child. Inclusive education, delivered in well-funded schools is vital to ensuring the success and prosperity of future generations.

Labour can defeat Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford & Woodford Green. We are campaigning against the cuts to school budgets in every part of the constituency. We want to prevent the fragmentation of the education system. We don’t want children being taught in bigger class sizes. We don’t want children to have to limit their ambitions because their school has too few teachers to provide curriculum subjects.

The election of a Labour Government on Thursday 8 June 2017 is the only way to guarantee school budgets won’t be cut.

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