Labours Manifesto – brief points

16 May, 2017

Earlier today, Labour’s election manifesto was launched in Bradford. We are presenting an ambitious and compelling democratic socialist vision for Britain.

This is a manifesto for the many people who are struggling with falling living standards and growing job insecurity. It is for those people whose lives are under increasing strain due to the continual underfunding of public services. It is for young people who are being held back by debt and the cost of housing. It is for families who can’t enjoy the quality of life they are working hard to achieve.

These are some of the key points in our manifesto. You can find out more by clicking on the link

Creating an economy that works for all
A National Transformation Fund will be set up to invest £250bn over 10 years to upgrade the economy in every part of Britain.
Labour’s industrial strategy will support businesses to create new, high- skilled, high-paid and secure work across the country, in the sectors of the future such as renewable energy. Labour will put small businesses at the centre of the British economy.
Labour will bring the railways back into public ownership as the private franchises expire. In addition, we will regain control of the energy network through a publicly owned energy system.

Towards a national education service
Labour will create a unified National Education Service (NES) for England, providing cradle-to-grave learning that is free at the point of use. The NES will be built on the principle that ‘Every Child – and Adult Matters’ and will incorporate all forms of education, from early years through to adult education.
Labour will not waste money on inefficient free schools and Theresa May’s grammar schools vanity project. Labour will also oppose any attempt to force schools to become academies. In contrast to Tory school budget cuts, Labour will make sure all schools are properly resourced, introducing a fairer funding formula that leaves no school worse off. University tuition fees will be abolished, removing the burden of debt from graduates.

A fair deal at work
Labour will give all workers equal rights from day one, whether part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent – to make sure working conditions are not driven down. We will also ban zero hour’s contracts – so that every worker gets a guaranteed number of hours every week. Repealing the Trade Union Act and rolling out collective bargaining will help to ensure improved rights at work are secured by the unions.
To ensure that work pays, Labour will raise the Minimum Wage to the level of the Living Wage, which is expected to be at least £10 per hour by 2020. Public sector workers deserve a pay rise after years of bearing the brunt of austerity, which has led to falling wages. Labour, therefore, will end the Public Sector Pay Cap

Healthcare for all
Labour will invest in the NHS to ensure patients get the world-class quality of care they need and that staff are able to deliver the standards that patients expect. By guaranteeing that patients can be seen in A&E within four hours, and ensuring access to treatment within 18 weeks, Labour will take one million people off NHS waiting lists.
Labour will also lay the foundations of a National Care Service for England, address the immediate funding crisis by increasing the social care budgets by a further £8 billion over five years. Labour will also increase The Carer’s Allowance for unpaid full-time carers will be increased to match the rates of the Jobseeker’s Allowance.
Labour’s manifesto shows how we can build a country where our wealth is invested to give everyone the best chance in life. We are committed to giving our children’s schools the funding they need, and restoring the NHS to its place as the envy of the world.

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