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14 July, 2017

In Chingford & Woodford Green we are keeping up the pressure on Iain Duncan Smith and the Tories as we campaign for the new kind of politics that only Labour can deliver.

On Thursday 7th July. Jeremy Corbyn held a mass rally on Chingford Green. His message to the hundreds of party members and voters who turned out to see him couldn’t have been clearer: “Chingford and Woodford Green deserves a Labour MP and a Labour government that will deliver for the many not the few”.

The June 2017 general election resulted in large numbers of marginal constituencies where Labour are within striking distance of winning from the Tories. Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning in every one of these seats, including Chingford & Woodford Green, where we slashed IDS’s majority to just 2,400 votes.

To enthusiastic cheers, Jeremy Corbyn said that, while he doesn’t know when the next general election will take place, he did know: “we will be ready for it whenever it comes, we are ready for it now, we are ready for it tomorrow. We will keep up all the pressure we can so that we can get that election and take our message out to all of the people of this country of the opportunities that are there for all of us”.

On Sunday 19th July, we ratcheted up the pressure on IDS even more. Hundreds of party members came to Chingford & Woodford Green to hear Owen Jones and Bilal Mahmood speak and to meet Ronnie O’Sullivan. Our neighbouring MPs, Stella Creasy and Wes Streeting, and the new leader of Waltham Forest Council, Claire Coghill also joined us to campaign across the constituency and raise funds.

On Twitter, Owen Jones wrote:
“What an amazing day in Chingford and Woodford Green campaigning for Labour against Iain Duncan Smith! IDS is one of the architects of some of the Tories’ cruellest policies – but we took Labour’s positive vision of the sort of Britain we can build on to the doorstep. And by “we”, I include none other than Ronnie O’Sullivan. A message to the Tories. You are on the run. You are rattled. We are coming for your marginal seats. And we will campaign with everything we’ve got until we elect a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn which will transform Britain forever.”

Theresa May’s position is increasingly weak, her government lacks a majority and is dependent on the support of the Democratic Unionist Party. In Chingford & Woodford Green the message is clear: Labour is already campaigning to win the next general election.

We are determined to beat Iain Duncan Smith.

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