So what happen to ‘We are all in it together?’

26 September, 2013

Osborne, part time Chancellor, is back on the job! He is fighting to avoid a cap being placed on Bankers Bonus’s by the EU as our Labour Party plans to cut the costs of energy for all after the General Election in 2015. Here in Chingford, we are currently selecting our candidates for the coming […]

Whipps Cross NHS is in danger!

17 September, 2013

Whipps Cross Hospital is part of the Bart’s Health Trust. Bart’s Health Trust is in a financial crisis and is planning massive service cuts, job losses and pay downgrades. The ‘We Are Waltham Forest: Save Our NHS Campaign is concerned that Bart’s is trying to silence public debate about these potential service reductions and gagging […]

The ever late Secretary of State for Wok and Pensions

12 September, 2013

In December 2012 we heard from Stephen Timms (Labour spokeperson for Work and Pensions) that the scheduled introduction of the Universal credit would allow ‘The Major system is scheduled to start in October. 2013 with all new claims online by April 2014 for all new tax credits.’ He predicted that it would be late. It […]

The ghosts of Iraq return to haunt us?

28 August, 2013

Many readers may be experiencing a feeling of déjà vu as we hear the call for Parliament to sit (on Thursday 29th August)and deliberate about air strikes on Syria. Here is a brief synopsis of what has been happening. Syria has been suffering a civil war for the last two years. Assad is the ruler […]

As we hear of an impending 4.1% rise in fares from Chingford stations …

15 August, 2013

From Sadiq Khan, Labour’s shadow London Minister Today Boris Johnson’s secret plans to close every TFL ticket office at underground and overground stations in London were revealed. The closures will have a devastating effect on the daily commute for all Londoners. We have all had to depend on staffed ticket offices when the automated machines […]

Government sets the Chief Inspector Of Hospitals on Whipps Cross

22 July, 2013

From our health correspondent On 14 July we wrote ‘ Whipps Cross Hospital Mortality Rates – within expected range’. But we can now report care at Whipps Cross has officially been declared “high risk” by the new Chief Inspector of Hospitals. An intensive inspection is to be carried out Unfortunately the inspection is unlikely […]

Not another step towards lining the pockets of big business privatisations!

15 July, 2013

Yougov reports on its website (15 July) ‘Two-thirds of British adults oppose the privatisation of the Royal Mail, including 36% of Britons who “strongly oppose” it’ It looks like the British Public have understood that not all privatisations are in the interest of members of the public. Which of the privatisations has worked for you? […]

Whipps Cross Hospital Mortality Rates – within expected range.

14 July, 2013

Under the headline ‘Scandal of NHS deaths at weekends’ the Sunday Times launches its campaign for a seven –day a week NHS. Our local readers will be relieved to hear that Whipp’s Cross University Hospital NHS Trust is within the normally expected Hospital Mortality Rate figures as are all but a dozen (out of 146) […]

Cameron needs to be careful who he criticises

10 July, 2013

At Prime Ministers Question Time today (10 July 2013) Cameron continued to harp on about the Unions and their power, within the Labour Party, cheered on by his MPS. We noticed that Nick Clegg was not at his side today. Does Cameron not get the point that donations are made for influence by Tory Party […]

Don’t take the polls too seriously …

3 July, 2013

… they vary from day to day and week to week. For example yesterday the Yougov/Sun daily poll showed a 5% lead for Labour. Today (Wednesday 3rd July) they show a 8% Labour lead. And they will continue to ebb and flow. We should hold our nerve. The next General Election is on May 7th […]

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