Conversations: Buckingham Palace to get repaired …

19 November, 2016

…. and Government support for all those reliant living on Council Housing Accommodation would be welcome too. But Council Housing is not encouraged and Affordable Housing is unaffordable for those who are in the ‘just managing’ class. Are we to assume that the Royal Family are worse off than ‘just managing?’ Perhaps they need to […]

Conversation: The kaleidoscope has been shaken again.

10 November, 2016

Let’s hope the kaleidoscope will  settle soon as there may well be a new world order. Now is the time for cool heads and reflection. Both the UK (Brexit) and the USA (Trump) have had their shocks. Soon will be the turn of France and Germany. Change is our opportunity to help reorder the way […]

Conversations – Parliament, Brexit and the Law Lords

5 November, 2016

It must be serious when the Law Lords are advising that the terms for leaving Brexit need to be discussed in Parliament. A major row has developed about the opening content of discussions about the terms of leaving. Anyone who followed the referendum campaign will understand that ‘Leaving the EU’ was never defined. Many of […]

Conversations – Heathrow

30 October, 2016

What’s on your mind? One of the features in last weeks news was the plan to move ahead with a new runway at Heathrow. It may give some of us in Chingford and Woodford Green, at least those currently under 60 years old, some prospects of easier trips to far off places in twenty years […]

Our views on the policies are important

14 September, 2016

The Chingford Labour Party had an informal meeting on Monday that gave our Conference Delegate some ideas about our opinions on main current areas of policy. The areas that were most discussed and supported were: Opposition to introduction of more Grammar Schools – opposed as this was divisive and would lead to many children feeling […]

IDS stirs up Tory divisions over Europe

25 August, 2016

It didn’t take Iain Duncan Smith long to start making trouble over Europe. Less than six months after he walked out of the cabinet, and only two months after the EU Referendum, he has reverted to his former role as backbench Euro rebel. Writing in the Sun on Sunday, IDS demanded that Theresa May begin […]

Chingford and Woodford Green members nominate Corbyn

4 August, 2016

On Wednesday evening a full party room voted by 2 to 1 to support Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to continue as leader of the Labour Party. Some 18 members contributed to a lively and serious exchange of views.

Will our Local Hospitals Be Unable To Cope?

28 July, 2016

At the recent public meeting on the NHS in South Chingford, we heard from Mary Burnett, a local public health campaigner, about plans being implemented to cut hospital budgets in the Chingford area. In her view, cuts to budgets are being dressed up as desirable changes to local health services. The population of northeast London […]

What now for IDS?

19 July, 2016

What has Iain Duncan Smith been up to since the Referendum? In the days immediately following the vote to leave the EU, IDS contributed to the unravelling of the dishonest promises made by Vote Leave. Even though he stood in front of a Vote Leave campaign bus with the misleading slogan emblazoned across it: “Let’s […]

Cameron’s Legacy: Privatising the NHS

11 July, 2016

Is talk of privatising the NHS alarmist? Is the NHS safe in Tory Party hands? Read the facts – set out by a local GP who does value the NHS, and spoke at our recent public meeting in South Chingford. (see below for our 4th July report of the meeting) How-the-nhs-is-being-dismantled-in-10-easy-steps Nhs-one-way-road-privatisation  

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