Why we are campaigning to save and improve the Library in Highams Park

9 July, 2016

In these times of cuts to services, Hale End Library in Highams Park, like many libraries around the country, is under threat. Waltham Forest Council is considering selling the existing plot to build housing on the site, and to provide a much smaller library in units which it will rent from Tesco. The cost of […]

Unwelcome Changes To The NHS In Chingford

4 July, 2016

Report of the public meeting held on 29th June 2016 organised by Labour CLP in South Chingford. A packed hall heard a GP, a paramedic and a public health campaigner tell a rapt audience of deep changes coming to the NHS nationally and locally: – The background is that Barts, our local NHS Trust, has […]

How the press is covering the European Referendum

4 July, 2016

(reposting of this excellent article by Neil Weeks – apologies for the loss online – Ed) As the EU referendum campaign draws to a close newspapers are coming out in support of Remain and Leave. To date,The Guardian, The Economist, Financial Times, New Statesman and The Times all support Remain. The Daily Express, Daily Mail, […]

United in grief

4 July, 2016

(reposting of this excellent article by Neil Weeks – apologies for the loss online – Ed) Subdued. Dignified. Sorrowful. That was the mood in Parliament Square on Friday night as hundreds of people came together in a vigil for our murdered comrade, Jo Cox MP. As they assembled, people spoke quietly about the tragic events […]

IDS contribution to the EU debate

3 July, 2016

(Republished as lost in the updating of this site – apologies- Ed) As the EU referendum campaign draws to a close, we look at the contribution Chingford & Woodford Green’s MP has made to the debate. Iain Duncan Smith has been largely overshadowed during the EU referendum by bigger, noisier personalities in the Leave campaign. […]

An alternative gloss on the news, not available on the BBC or other mainstream media:

6 May, 2016

– Labour wins nearly twice as many Council seats as the Tories – Labour takes a greater share of the vote than the Tories, 31% to 30% – Labour the dominant Party in Wales – Labour comfortably wins control of London – the SNP loses overall control of Scotland – the Tories forced to abandon plans for […]

IDS makes no effect on OUT campaign

23 April, 2016

We maintain our interest in what Chingford and Woodford Green MP, Iain Duncan Smith is doing with his free time having left his office at the Department of Work and Pensions. As one of the leading lights in the OUT campaign we looked to see what effect he is having in the EU Referendum debate. […]

IDS advises voters

19 April, 2016

The Huffington post quotes IDS as saying “On June 23, I think the British people will be advised to vote to get Britain to look a little bit more like the US and a lot less like it does at the moment with regard to the power of the EU.” What an interesting comment made […]

IDS: A legacy of failure

23 March, 2016

From our Parliamentary Correspondent Having campaigned against Iain Duncan Smith at the last six general elections, we welcome his resignation from the cabinet. We have highlighted, on this website and on the doorstep, his appalling record as Secretary of State for Work & Pensions. Whether IDS timed his resignation to benefit the campaign to leave […]

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

22 March, 2016

From Bilal Mahmood (Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Chingford & Woodford Green, 2015) IDS has taken the media by storm with his resignation. Claiming the cuts to the personal independent payments (a lifeline to so many in the country), was a step too far for him, he has created a fissure in the Tory government. He […]

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