Will Osborne’s Budget Punish Children, the Disabled and Working People?

7 July, 2015

From our parliamentary correspondent George Osborne’s will deliver his second Budget of the year on Wednesday 8 July, and the carefully timed leaks and reports in the press already give an idea of what the Chancellor’s priorities will be: further cuts for those who can least afford them. Over the last few days it has […]

IDS can’t make child poverty vanish as easily as targets

4 July, 2015

From our correspondent As we have reported before, Iain Duncan Smith has previously got himself into trouble for trying to manipulate statistics in order to obscure the Government’s record on poverty in the UK. He has now gone one step further and abolished the government’s target to eradicate child poverty by 2020. This cynical decision […]

IDS struggles with managing on £1000

3 July, 2015

From Press Association 1st July 2015 Iain Duncan Smith had his official credit card suspended after running up more than £1,000 in expenses debts, it can be revealed. The Work and Pensions Secretary was among more a dozen MPs subject to action by the Commons watchdog after failing to show spending was valid. The details […]

Invigorated IDS goes for £12 Billions welfare cuts!

21 June, 2015

Iain Duncan Smith, who did not even bother to appear at the Chingford and Woodford Green Hustings during the recent Election campaign, continues to weald the knife. As reported in The Sunday Times today, ‘ Duncan Smith confirms that the full £12 Billion will be found this year and say that some welfare spending is […]

Child Benefit reprieved – who suffers instead?

3 June, 2015

Reported in the Times (2 June 2015) The prime minister promised to keep child benefit in its present form until 2020, honouring a personal commitment before the election. A pledge made when the polls were suggesting the Tories wouldn’t win! IDS , still Work and Pensions Secretary, will be infuriated as he tries to find […]

As the dust settles – let us hear your views on the result

13 May, 2015

If only Labour everywhere had done as well as Labour did in London ….. … but let us not dwell on what might have been. Please let us know about your thoughts after the election – how does the next five years look to you? What should we in Chingford and Woodford Green do? Any […]

Bilal did well gaining a 5.5% swing from Conservatives

9 May, 2015

Here are the numbers Con………. 20,999 (48%). Lab……….. 12,613 (29%). UKIP………. 5,644 (12%). LibD……… 2,444 (5.4%). Green…….. 1,854 (4.3%). TUSC………. 243 (0.6%). CWar…………. 53 (0.1%).  

Today is polling day

7 May, 2015

We apologise for updating this website a little later than planned, but your blogger was re-reading Iain Duncan Smith’s Election Address and was fascinated by the following quote: ‘I will continue to fight at every level to present a vast increase in population, mostly housed in high density flats, blighting our environment and obliterating green […]

7 Days to Election Day

1 May, 2015

Our opportunity to make a difference! If you can help us in any way please contact our excellent parliamentary candidate, Bilal Mahmood. You can reach him at www.bilalmahmood.co.uk and twitter.com/bilal_cwg.

IDS stung into action

25 February, 2015

Bilal Mahmood, our Labour parliamentary candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green, has released an open letter to Mr Duncan Smith, asking what he is doing to save the hospital. Suddenly IDS said he was meeting the chief executive on Friday 27th February and will be asking for more investment in the Leytonstone hospital. (The CEO […]

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